Tubular Running Services

“GNS” Ltd. provides comprehensive services on running downhole equipment, capable to solve any technological problems of the Customer.

Our company offers:

1. Complete engineering support and supervising of all kinds of service activity under running of downhole equipment.

2. Various models of hydraulic tongs, power units, lifting equipment, equipment for the protection of the threaded connections for making up and lowering downhole equipment from the world leading manufacturers.


3. Provision of equipment for running casing, tubing and chrome alloys pipes.


4. Предоставление оборудования для автоматического долива и циркуляции во время спуска обсадных колонн.

  • Designed for the whole range of casing diameters from 4 ½ “to 22”;
  • Reduces the risk of differential sticking;
  • It allows to start the circulation of the drilling fluid without any loss of time in the height position of the casing;
  • Ability to reciprocate casing during circulation;
  • It helps to reduce the total time of running casing by combining the topping into the well with the running process, without stopping.

5. Provision of computerized precise Torque monitoring systems recording each joint MU parameters and analyzing graph quality.

  • This system is adapted to all hydraulic tongs, as well as to an automated system for running casing with the rotation and the ability to drill with casing;
  • With high precision allows to cut off the supply of hydraulic fluid to the power tong when the optimum torque achieved;
  • It allows you to receive detailed graph and numerical information for the assembly of each threaded connection.

6. Предоставление Автоматизированных систем для спуска обсадных колонн с вращением и возможностью бурения обсадными колоннами.

These systems allow you to:

  • Empower top drive rig and use it for making up casing;
  • Replace a standard set of equipment for running casing;
  • The presence of the hydraulic swivel allows you to simultaneously rotate the casing during the running process and the circulation while reciprocation;
  • Ability to create a load from the top drive to push the casing;
  • An independent electronic torque gauge allows you to record accurate torque through the computer system.

7. Provision of equipment for cementing wells with rotation and reciprocation of the casing.

Universal cementing head, allows rotation, reciprocation, or simultaneous rotation with reciprocating casing during cementing, thus allows to achieve a uniform distribution of cement slurry in the annulus.


  • Jump from the casing running to the top of the cement injection;
  • Rotating column provides higher quality cement adhesion to the walls of the well;
  • Reduce the likelihood of the need for carrying out repair and insulation work;
  • As a result of reduced costs for repairs during the life of the well;
  • Provides mobility;
  • The uniform height of the cement column.